Ultralight Dpower Aluminum Alloy Gas Powered Stove

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The camping stove is a stove distance cartridge that is lighter than most sit-on-top stoves.

Remote stoves sit closer to the ground and are more stable for cooking with larger pots.

stove distance cartridge are more efficient, as they are equipped with a metal mesh and a gas line valve copper block.

the valve is designed for precise flame adjustment for outdoor cooking,

fits common screw-on valve fuel cartridge Butane / Propane Butane / Propane Ethane mixtures.

advice: please use profeesional fuel, do not use the auto-oil cartridge.



the camping stove is ultra-lightweight and foldable, easy to carry. ideal for camping, hiking and long journey.



Stainless steel gas pipe mesh is 11 "(28 cm). It is safe and easy to exchange the cartridge during cooking.


Quick to Ignite

On the piezoelectric ceramic ignition can be pulled up every time.



stove with anti-slip design can accommodate up to a 30 cm diameter pan in a robust way.


Features and Specifications

• Max output: 2.6 kcal / 3kW / 10.2 BTU

• stove: 2 "(5 cm) diameter

• Basic stove Material: Stainless Steel

• Support Material: Aluminum Alloy

• Package Dimensions: 3.1 "x 2.9" x 4.1 "


the package includes

1 x camping stove

1 x manual

1 x draw string bag with sliding cord lock